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What do others say about Debbie Wilkes?

Debbie Wilkes has provided both consultation and professional development for our district in the areas of effective transition practices. Her knowledge base is phenomenal and her professional development sessions are made engaging and humorous through stories of real life situations and real students. Debbie has lived the activities she is presenting to staff. That real life experience is priceless and allows her to connect with teachers in a way that challenges them to make change to their practice and implement new strategies. Debbie truly made a difference in North East.

Dr. Judith Moening
Executive Director for Special Education
Northeast Independent School District
San Antonio, Texas

Debbie Wilkes is a person who gets things done. She gets them done in a special way. That’s why she is the person to contact when you need help assisting children or adults with special needs. Whether the need is to be included in school, community activities, or family life, Debbie has experience in this. Through Debbie’s leadership, many people have become better advocates for themselves or their family members. In addition, Debbie has been a great source of strength and inspiration to school personnel and others in the field of disability. She is the perfect person to help with solutions that are clear, and designed to tackle even the most daunting problems. I have co-presented with Debbie several times and she has always provided the latest, most positive ideas related to including and advocating for individuals with disabilities in the real world of home, school, and work.

Susan B. Palmer, Ph.D.
Associate Research Professor
Beach Center on Disability
1200 Sunnyside Ave., Rm. 3136 Haworth Hall Lawrence, KS 66045-7534
785-864-0270 Phone
785-864-7605 Fax

Debbie Wilkes is a trail blazer. She rocked the intellectual and developmental community when she began incubating the concept of self-determination in North Texas Schools back in 1988.

She possesses the often attempted but seldom achieved ability to keep educational professionals and caregivers focused on what the student's interest and strengths are as opposed to preset assumptions.

Area students will continue to benefit as Debbie widens her professional interest beyond a single district to the region and beyond.

Drew Dixon, NCG
Dir. of Advocacy and Intervention
The Arc of Dallas

Debbie Wilkes has a wealth of knowledge and experience in both building strong departmental programs and inventive curriculum design as well as helping students and teachers achieve success at the classroom level. She is able to navigate organizational networks, government regulations, and institutional policies all while maintaining an unfailing advocacy of people with disabilities and their right to self-determination. Most importantly, she has shown me (and hundreds of others parents and teachers) that we can dream for our students because engaged, fulfilling lives are possible for all people. Debbie Wilkes is one of those amazing educators who can help make those dreams reality.

Kathryn Parsons
Vice President
LaunchAbility Supported Employment

Debbie Wilkes has always been a strong advocate and a leader in finding innovative ways to support the success of individuals with disabilities. She was among the first in the state to develop a high school transition program on a community college campus. Her passion is matched by her ability!

Linda Holloway, Ph.D, CRC
University of North Texas
Department of Rehabilitation, Social Work & Addictions


Education and Transition Consulting

Time is running out!

What will happen when your child graduates from high school?
  • Is college an option?
  • Is employment an option?
  • What about housing?
What will happen when you are no longer there to provide support?
  • Where will the money come from?
  • Who will help make decisions?
It is never too early and it is never too late to begin the planning process!

What do others say about Debbie Wilkes?

Dr. Judith Moening
Susan B. Palmer, Ph.D.
Drew Dixon, NCG
Kathryn Parsons
Linda Holloway