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I met Jack when he was in elementary school when I facilitated his first Person-Centered Plan and we updated it through the years. He had a vision for the future that included playing football on his highschool team and going to college. Many people may have thought that this was not "realistic", but with his family support, his vision became a reality.

Person Centered Planning helps turn dreams into reality. Nick's first planning meeting was in January 2012 where he shared his dream to have a job doing something he really enjoyed. He tried being a disc jockey and found that it was a great hobby but wasn't what he wanted for a REAL job. His love for Mustang cars caused his team to seek employment at a Ford dealership. During second semester of his junior year he completed a non-paid internship through Community Based Instruction. In August 2014 he became a part time employee at Park City Ford in Dallas, Texas. Read about his success and see how he has become an essential employee for the company. After graduation he will increase his responsibilities and hours at Park City Ford.
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What is Person Centered Planning?

  • Planning process that utilizes an ongoing team approach
  • For students it:
    • Provides a means to develop personal goals
    • Helps an individual take a positive role in community
    • Increase control over his or her life
    • Develops skills necessary to achieve specific goals
  • It is a way to look at an individual as a total person, recognize hers/his desires, interests and dreams

Why should a family participate in this planning process?

  • The approach involves an interactive planning process, which has several distinctive characteristics that help the individual to:
    • Discover the strengths and gifts that a person has
    • Explore and clarify a variety of goals
    • Brings together all of the people who interact with the individual so the goals can effectively be attained
    • To develop a team that can be creative determining a course of action
    • It inspires initiative
    • Achieve success and reach your destination

Positive outcomes from Person Centered Planning:

  • The focus person develops a sense of value and becomes an active participant at home and in the community
  • A person labeled with severe Mental Retardation and Autism has a driver's license, purchased a truck and is now a member of the Teamsters Union
  • A person labeled with Autism who had previously been in segregated classes, is included in high school, passed the non-modified Texas State Assessment and TASP test, and got a 4.0 at a community college
  • A person labeled with a significant learning disability directed her own IEP meeting insisting that she take the non-modified Texas State Assessment and passed the writing and reading parts of the test. She is now enrolled in a private college in Texas
  • Beginning in1999 students with disabilities including Mental Retardation, Emotional Disturbance, Speech Handicapped, Autism and Other Health Impaired began writing their own goals and objectives for their IEP
  • Families began writing a PASS Plan for their child so that they can work and continue receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits and Medicaid
  • Employers have made the accommodations necessary so that a person with significant disabilities can have a job with a future
  • General education high school students decided that they wanted to become teachers so that they could assure that all students could be included in their class and in their schools
  • Parents of elementary age students helped their child learn transitional skills to be used when moving to junior high, high school and then the world of work

Ongoing Evaluation Process

  • Develop milestones of success
  • Determine integrity of implementation
  • Evaluate the barriers of success and facilitate the needed adjustments

Person Centered Planning is an excellent tool for transition. When asked the best time to start the process. The reply is that it is never too early and it is never too late.


Education and Transition Consulting

Time is running out!

What will happen when your child graduates from high school?
  • Is college an option?
  • Is employment an option?
  • What about housing?
What will happen when you are no longer there to provide support?
  • Where will the money come from?
  • Who will help make decisions?
It is never too early and it is never too late to begin the planning process!

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